About Canine Training Essentials

Your home or ours, Canine Training Essentials listens to your needs and concerns to develop a strategy that will work for you and your dog. Each dog has a unique personality and motivation type. Many outside influences can cause your dog to misbehave. We look at diet and nutrition, health changes, exercise regimen, home environment, what you are doing that is working well and what we can change for the better. To shape your pets' good manners, a combination of body language, toys, food and play is used combined with guidance, reinforcement and consistency.

Owner Anna Ellsworth is a professional member of the International Association Canine Professionals, a certified PetTech Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor and a Remote Training Specialist certified in the Forcefree Method™. Anna is a respected instructor/competitor and has earned many awards in obedience, tracking and agility in the AKC, UKC & NADAC venues.

Take advantage of the more than 20 years of experience packed into our training methodology. We believe in expanding our knowledge base exploring the latest information on canine behavior, health and training; attending conferences and seminars throughout the year. Many factors contribute to the response you receive from your pet naughty or nice. During our time together we discover what you are doing that is working well and what may need adjustment. Seeing your action or reaction to your pet through his eyes will bring understanding to you and clear communication in the future. Assessing what is valuable to your dog and fulfilling these needs will help prepare them for a lifetime of adventure with you.