Private Dog Training Sessions

In Home Leadership Consultation

Too busy for a weekly class or does your dogs’ naughty-ness occur at home or in the neighborhood? This two hour meeting will give you insight into what is going on from your dogs’ perspective. Learn how everyday interaction affects your dogs’ behavior. Consider how the fulfillment of your dogs’ needs of diet, nutrition, health, exercise and adventure contribute to your dogs’ response naughty or nice. Work toward developing communication that your pet truly understands. Follow up on your progress included. Weekly sessions may be scheduled to keep you on the right track as needed.

Pricing: $150

Weekly In Home Sessions

As an addition to the In-Home Leadership Consultation, continue to build a solid foundation of clear communication between family members and your dog. From the youngest child to aging adults, everyday interaction with your pet can be rewarding. Learn what games encourage cooperation. Learn how your body language influences your pets' behavior naughty or nice. Learn how raising your expectations can bring out the best in your dog! .

Pricing: $75 per hr

Puppy 101, Teaching Your Pet Where to Go

Your new four legged family member has arrived and it seems as though you don't speak the same language. Whether it's your first puppy or if you've just not had one in your experience like this, we are here to help. This in-home solution starts with an overview of what you are currently doing, progressing toward modifications that will help your pup learn Where to Go. Call to make your appointment today!

Pricing: $75 per hr

Treadmill for Fun and Fitness

What can you do when the weather is not cooperating, it's too hot, too cold and slippery, raining or maybe you are temporarily out of commission due to injury and are not able to walk with your pet. Your home or ours, we can acclimate your pet to treadmill exercise. Call us for details!

Tap Into Success

Are you eager to be a part of shaping your dogs’ response to distracting situations? Do you want to keep them coming reliably to you each time you call? Do you want to enjoy new places together giving your pet the gift of off leash freedom? This is the plan for you. With our expert guidance, you will communicate with your pet on a new level. Learn how everyday interactions can influence your pets' behavior. In 4 private sessions you will see amazing results. Includes a remote training system, 1 yr phone support.

Pricing: $595