Dog Training Articles & Tips

  • Wet Noses Under the Tree
    Nothing could make a child happier than finding a wriggling puppy or kitten under the
    tree Christmas morning. Winter break seems the perfect time to integrate a pet into your
    family, plenty of time for house training, playing and acclimating to your schedule.
    Or is it?
  • Diet and Behavior a Dog Trainers Perspective
    Nutrition is now recognized as having great implication on canine behavior, longevity and overall good health. Wendy Volhard started her journey into canine nutrition in 1973 when her 6 yr old Landseer Newfoundland was diagnosed with kidney degeneration and given just a few months to live.
  • Learn to Earn
    From your dog's perspective, leadership is not a bad thing. It's a tough job to be in charge and take care of everyone in your pack 24 hours a day. It leaves no time to play or relax. To lift the burden of responsibility from your dog, and, in turn, to have a calmer, peaceful relationship with him, practice the "Learn to Earn" program.
  • Follow the Leader Exercise
    The purpose of this exercise is to lay the foundation for dependability, gaining your dog's attention not only during training sessions but during periods of distraction when you will need his attention the most.