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Dog Obedience Training Testimonials

Kristen, Scott and Satchmo

Since training with Anna, we are enjoying a much closer and calmer relationship with our little buddy, Satchmo. We can now have guests into our home without worrying about how to control his unpredictable behavior (jumping, barking, etc). Friends have told us that the change is unbelievable! We also feel more comfortable traveling with him, and bringing him into new environments. Overall, he is much calmer and waits for US to make the decisions. We now have confidence that he will obey our commands, especially when we are out hiking and enjoying nature. The strategies that we have learned have allowed all of us much more freedom! Anna truly taught us the skills we needed in order to communicate with our dog. Satch thanks Anna for all of her hard work and for believing in him -- and he is especially glad to be rid of the loud voices and collar-yanking that used to be a part of his life!

Kristen and Scott

Hi Ann.

I was really glad you were there when I had my “wardrobe malfunction” yesterday. It might have taken me weeks to realize I had messed up the dials on the transmitter. It had been working shortly before & I think I must have shoved it in my (not baggy) pants pocket & turned the dials. Such a simple thing & in my ignorance I might have attributed the problems to Buster.

When we made the trip to the PSA event I was telling you I really need ongoing coaching with the e-collar. Your simple reminder to keep the stimulation on until he’s coming was invaluable to me. I understand the principles but I don’t behave intuitively yet. I know that’s a matter of practicing but as Lin says, “practice makes permanent” & Buster already has so much unlearning to do.

Anyway, between your reminder & Lin’s caution about keeping the activity level of the pack down (which I've intuitively known – but seldom practiced) I was able to give Buster a lot of freedom last night & today (we just got home about an hour ago.) So thanks Coach!

Also, thanks for asking the shelter/rescue question on my behalf. I would like to talk with you about the other shelters you were mentioning. I think it’s time for me to make a plan.


Hello there, I just read your article in the journal and was very excited. We have been more in tune ourselves that the a lot of the behavioral changes the owners are seeing or have seen in their dogs is due to food issues, or the result of organ changes from being on foods that are undesirable. So one of the first questions we ask is what type of food are you feeding your dog.

I worked as a vet tech for a great deal of my life before helping Adam with the business, and wasn’t aware of the vaccine and Thyroid issues, but looking at some of our current clients that aren’t able to achieve over the top results especially in the fear relm it makes perfect sense and we are going to start suggesting a thyroid test, I can think of a very fearful golden retriever right now that has come a long way, but still isn’t quite right. She is a rescue, probably a puppy mill. ?

I was wondering if we could use your article as information for our clients. It is difficult to try to copy it from the actual journal and they don’t have it posted on the IACP website as a reference. Is there a way I could get it off your website, or you could email us a copy?

Thanks again for the information
Valerie Witherspoon IACP Member #2361

Hi Anna!
Thanks again for helping me with Ellie! I hope you enjoyed her company and that she wasn't too much to handle. She has had a couple of accidents, but I think it's because of all the change. It seems like she does know, but just needs to be reminded. I'm actually extremely pleased that she doesn't make a single noise when I put her away for the night. Attached are some of the pics I took while at your house. I'll update you again in a week. Thanks again! Please thank your husband as well! Hope training with the new dog goes well!

Hi Anna,
Just to update you... It's only been one day, but I've been extremely pleased with Ellie. The smaller housing for her seemed to have worked. She went back all three times intentionally, it appears, to go potty. Yesterday she was in a puppy day care all day so I couldn't see what was happening over there, but I'll ask the owner to report back to see if she's using pads eventually.
I'm going to keep up consistency and hopefully it'll become habit. She's also extremely good with sit commands. :)
I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for training Scooter. We appreciate all your hard work. Scooter is sure going to miss you and his 2 new buddies. Thanks again for everything.

Jerry, Dee and Scooter

Thanks Anna for all your help, patience and wisdom that you shared with our family. It has proven invaluable and time well spent! Henry thanks you as well! God Bless!

Debbie, Henry and Family